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Beginning in early 2012, Kaycee began using WordPress.com as a site for blogging. Below you can read her most recent blog, check out other past blogs, or go right to the source and see them all on Kaycee's WordPress page.

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A Bittersweet Relay
Last night was the 2015 Relay for Life of Grand Prairie. Those that follow me regularly know that for years now I’ve taken part. Last night my Cub Scouts opened the ceremony with the flag ceremony. I was so proud … Continue reading

Pictures Don’t Lie!!
Here I am one year ago This was taken today. 34 POUNDS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I had to do it. I had a minor heart attack in September and at the rate I was going with my health, my mother would … Continue reading

The Final Memorial Service
  Last night was the final memorial service for my step-dad, but I considered him to be a Dad. Most people only get one in their lives, I was lucky and had two. I bet I said that in my … Continue reading

Losing Or Changing My Religion
  The above picture is my Step-Dad, I didn’t consider him a step as he was in my life for 23 years. Most people only get one dad in life, I was lucky and I got two. We lost Papa … Continue reading

Christmas Eve 2014
It’s officially Christmas Eve where I am. I am supposed to be getting up out of bed in 7 hours to begin cooking for kids and grand-kids. Why am I not sleeping? I guess it’s the same answer I have … Continue reading

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