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Location: Dover, DE.

Event: Autism Speaks 400 Nextel Cup Race

Stars of the Show: Kurt Busch (Driver of the #2 Miller Lite Car), Tony Stewart (Driver of the #20 Home Depot Car) and Jason Lee (Jackman for the #20 Pit Crew)

Incident: Busch cuts into Stewart's left front quarter panel when he didn't have full clearance, therefore causing Busch to hit the outside retainer wall and wrecking his vehicle. Stewart manages to limp into the pits and his crew jumps the wall to repair damage.

Unknown or unseen to the pit crew of Stewart, Kurt Busch flies into pit road and cuts into Stewarts right front quarter panel causing jack man, Jason Lee, to have to jump up on the hood in order to avoid being hit by the #2 car. After Busch voices his opinion to Stewart, he heads his Miller Lite car to the garage and is immediately parked for the rest of the race by the heads of NASCAR.

Oh Kurt was penitent after being parked, but Lee wasn't having any apology. NASCAR promotes the safety of the pit crews and apparently Busch forgot that little detail. Do I blame Lee for not accepting the apology? Heck no! How would the #2 team react if the situation were reversed? They would have jumped not only Stewart, but his pit crew in the garage after the incident or after the race.

Kurt Busch races each lap as if the devil himself was licking at his bootheels and he needs to be taught a tighter lesion than Dale Earnhardt, Jr.'s team was taught. This man is obviously dangerous not only on the track but on pit road as well. One would think that after his speeding ticket in 2005, he would redeem himself and try to become a role model for not only the younger drivers but for the younger fans of NASCAR as well.

I guess that punching his own brother a few weeks back shows what a champion he really is.

In my opinion, he has to learn the meaning of what it takes to be a true champion in the stylization of Richard "The King" Petty, Bobby Unser, Bobby Allison and Dale "The Intimidator" Earnhardt.

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