Kyle Busch Following In Big Brother's Driving

NASCAR history is filled with sons following in the footsteps of their fathers, or younger brothers following in the footsteps of their older brothers.

From Dale Earnhardt, Jr. following his father, Dale "The Intimidator" Earnhardt into NASCAR, to Kyle Petty following Richard's fame. The Petty family even took the tradition to a third generation, with Kyle's son Adam becoming a NASCAR driver until his unfortunate death on the track at New Hampshire Speedway.

Brothers like Michael and Darrell Waltrip, Bobby and Terry Labonte, and Kenny and Rusty Wallace head the long list of brothers who have driven the NASCAR circuit. And the younger brother almost always seems to have a championship, a reputation, or a legend to live up to.

The most recent case involves the young Busch brothers. But the besides following older brothers Kurt's race wins, and championship run, Kyle is also following in Kurt's off-track auto incidents.

Just last year, big brother Kurt was pulled over for a traffic violation and as a result, Roush Racing parked him for the final two races of the year. He was also handed 50 hours of community service for his traffic violation.

Not wanting to be outdone by big brother Kurt, last Wednesday evening Kyle Busch was pulled over by police in Richmond, Virginia after "Chirping" his tires from a gas station to a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. Maybe he thought it was Sunday afternoon, the gas station was his pit box, and the KFC was the finish line. Unfortunately, the police didn't see it that way, and issued him a moving violation, charging him with "Reckless Driving!"

So for Kyle's incident, he will go to court on May 23, 2006. His misdemeanor charge carries a possible sentence of up to a year in jail, a $2,500 fine and a driver's license suspension. That would make this year hard for the winner of the 2005 "Rookie of The Year" award if given this sentence. It would also be quite a price to pay for a piece of chicken. Then again, maybe he was just trying to work on a new sponsorship deal. Has there ever been a KFC car in the Cup series?

All joking aside, if Kyle were slapped with the strongest possible sentence, what would it mean for the team of Hendrick Motorsports? What about the ramifications on Kyle's career that he has built over the last five years from the Craftsman Truck Series to become a top 20 driver in the Cup series? All we have right now is questions about what this could do to his career and to the team of Hendrick Motorsports. And the answers won't be coming until after May 23.

Published on April 17, 2006 in