Deep In The Heart of Texas

Girl Fight on Pit Road

We have often seen fights on pit road following wrecks on the track. Tempers flare, helmets fly, sometimes shoving matches ensue. And a war or words almost always follows. Sometimes, it's the drivers themselves. Sometimes it's the crew chiefs. Sometimes it's even members of the crew. But at Texas, it was close to a battle of the "significant others".

Following a lap 82 crash where Greg Biffle was spun into the wall by a bump from Kurt Busch, Biffle's girlfriend took exception to the on-track bumping, and paid a visit to the Kurt Busch pit area, climbing the side of the truck and having words with Kurt Busch's fiancÚ. What did they talk about? No one knows but them and the people close by.

There are NASCAR rules that prevent crewmembers from one team from entering the pit area of another driver. Those rules lessen the chances of fights on pit road. But what about friends and family? Do they have to adhere to the same rules? And if they do, how do those rules get enforced? Can NASCAR penalize a team or driver for the actions of people not officially part of the team?

The two women were shown later, talking pleasantly, but for a brief moment, things looked fairly intense. We all know Kurt Busch can take a punch, thanks to a fight between him and Jimmy Spencer a few years ago in the garage. If things hadn't quickly cooled off, maybe we could have seen if his fiancÚ is just as rugged.

Climbing up from the Back

A few of the drivers that started toward the back of the pack showed that it's possible to pass lots of cars in a short time on Sunday.

Tony Stewart started in the 36th spot, and was in 1st by lap 91. Matt Kenseth started in 40th, was in the top ten by lap 101, and was leading by lap 159. And don't forget that Kenseth won last year, after starting in 31st. Carl Edwards started in 37th, cracked the top ten by lap 101, and led lap 164.

At the time Edwards crashed in lap 253, he had led more laps than anyone else, even though he started far in the back.

Eleven for Eleven

Kasey Kahne was one driver who didn't need to climb from the back. He won the race after starting from the pole, making him the first person to win at Texas from the front row, and making him the 11th different winner in 11 races at Texas Motor Speedway.

More Bonus Points for Stewart

Continuing his run of bonus points, Tony Stewart managed to lead the most laps for the third race in a row. Thirty bonus points in three races has helped him to climb back into the top 5 in the overall standings.

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