Review Of The Chicago Chevy Vette Fest

On April 1st and 2nd, Chicago was taken over by antique Chevrolets. The show was held at the McCormick Place and included everything from 1930's trucks to the last 1967 Corvette ever made. The gleaming paint under the fluorescent lights was almost blinding. But what a sight to behold!

They had two cars that had been derby cars before being renovated. They even had a 1964 stock car and the Stingrays abounded. Cars from all across America where there representing every year since Chevys were first manufactured. The beautiful lines and glorious colors were almost like being in a garden.

Wandering slowly through the exhibit floor and stopping to examine every single car was a daylong joy. Any car enthusiast that was there was walking as slow as I did. The crowd was quiet and it was almost like being in an art museum. No, I take that back, it was an art museum. A beautiful and glorious art museum.

To the eye, a 1967 Corvette is as much a beauty as the art on the nose cone of the World War II bombers. The glorious Cherry Red was like a brilliant ruby on wheels. I so wanted to be behind the wheel and flying through country roads in it, pushing the horsepower to its fullest potential. I couldn't help but stand there and gaze upon this grand sight and daydream of being behind the wheel for 45 minutes before being dragged to the next car.

But even though I was at the next vehicle, which was a 1952 Truck, I couldn't help but to keep glancing back at the '67 to see the lines from every angle I could. The owner of the '67 kepy buffing the beauty with a cloth diaper and when asked if he would sell the car, he responded with łNot for anything under one million.˛ I don't blame him, this is not only the most of cars I have seen in my life, but having the distinction of being the last of the '67 models to be produced is worth over one million to the man that loved this vehicle so much to restore it with original parts and the original paint scheme of the car.

Yes, I fell in love with that little red corvette.

There were more than 200 cars at the festival this year. I am trying to get my parents to bring their 1957 Bel Aire to the fest next year. They restored it for three years with original parts and have taken top honors at several shows in the south. I want to see this car take on the north. This beauty is a turquoise green tail fin and it is just a sight to see. It isn't a muscle car, but the quiet beauty is like a diamond.

It reminds me of my mother, glorious lines and a quiet beauty that makes me hope I age as gracefully as Mom. Just as the 1957 Bel Aire that my parents renovated from a complete rust bucket into it's original, glorious, grand state. That car is a turquoise hair broach on wheels.

Yes I love Chevrolets, the antiques of this make is like being surrounded by a museum full of the most rarest and precious jewels of the world.

Published on April 5, 2006 in