New Venues For NASCAR

There are tracks that NASCAR and the Nextel Cup race twice each year. Why? If NASCAR held their 36 races at 36 different tracks, they could, in theory, build a broader fan base.

And it would prove who is the best ³overall² driver in the Cup series. The reason why I say this, is because many of the current tracks are very similar, so some of the drivers and crews have become complacent by knowing the next track like the back of their hand. A variety of tracks would mean a variety of car setups, a variety of driving styles, and would require consistency through all of the variety.

Mexico is crying out for a Nextel Cup race. NASCAR officials have said no, because the track where they race the current Busch Series race is a road course. And NASCAR doesnıt see any reason to add a third road course to its Cup series menu of tracks. So Mexico is now looking at building an oval track to attract a Cup Series race. But building the track doesnıt mean that they will have a chance of getting a Cup Race. So I would advise Mexico to fight NASCAR for the rights to a Cup Race before they build this oval track. I would hate to see them build the track only to have NASCAR still refuse to come to town.

In my opinion, I would like to see a Cup race in Mexico. If having a race in California were supposed to expand viewer ship, taking a race to Mexico would certainly do the same thing.

And while theyıre expanding, Iıd like to see a couple of races in Canada too. Besides a whole new group of potential fans, the weather in Canada is different than in America. This would affect the setup of the cars and would be a whole new challenge to the race teams.

Why, I bet that the rookie class of drivers each year would be infused with both Mexican and Canadian drivers if NASCAR were to build new tracks in these two neighboring countries. That would not only bring an even larger fan base, but would also emphasize the diversity of NASCAR.

When NASCAR had a vote on where to build a new track, I personally voted for Denver, Colorado. In Denver, the altitude and low oxygen levels would make the cars drive differently, affecting the engineering and the crewsı car setups. It would also have an effect on the drivers endurance, making it more challenging.

While NASCAR is adding tracks, I also think that the ³Chase² needs one of each type of track to really challenge those in the points. Currently, there is one short track, one Super Speedway, and 8 intermediate (1 ­ 1.5 mile oval) tracks. One of those races is also a night race. Why do they have eight similar tracks in the ³Chase²? Shouldnıt a driver have to show consistency on ALL tracks types to be crowned champion? Why isnıt there a road course? Or a short track night race? Or a second Super Speedway? And to have tracks that are in Mexico and in Canada would make the ³Chase² even more interesting.

Of course all this is just my opinion. I know I cannot make NASCAR and the officials do anything about it. But at least writing about it gets these thoughts off my chest and out into the public eye. Maybe a lot of you agree with me. Maybe there are some that think I need to be committed. But either way, you have to think of NASCAR and what would be if the fan base got bigger and the officials built more tracks instead of racing twice at some.

Just a thought to keep in the back of your head.

Published on March 6, 2006 in