The Motor Sports Hall of Fame and Museum of America

Residing in the town of Novi, Michigan, is the Motor Sports Hall of Fame and Museum of America. This museum houses cars from stock to Indy. Plus a ³Hall of Fame² for nine different motor sports including stock car racing, sports cars, power boats, open wheel, Motorcycles, historic, drag racing, air racing and at large.

It has well over 100 exhibits including personalities, manufacturers and machines of all kinds that have to do with the 9 different categories at the Motor Sports Hall of Fame and Museum.

Mr. William France, Sr. was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1990. In 2002, Dale ³The Intimidator² Earnhardt was inducted.

The list of the inductees is impressive and extensive. Like Eddie Rickenbacker for the area of Historic Racing. On the website for the museum and Hall of Fame, you can go into the Hall of Fame inductees and click on their name to find out what qualities these personalities possessed in order to have them inducted.

I think we all know where my next pilgrimage will be: To Novi, Michigan and the Motor Sports Hall of Fame and Museum. For a gal who cut her teeth chewing on Firestones, this is the perfect place for me to go this summer and take the kids. For you see, our family is very much a NASCAR family and we often get the cops called on us on the weekend!

Even our cat, Tony Stewart, watches the races with us. But nothing in my collection will let me forget how much of a gear head I really am, for I own a used tire (the entire thing) of Stacey Compton from the inaugural races at Chicagoland Speedway. Forget making an offer for it, itıs mine and will not be leaving my sight!

For more information, driving directions and etc, go to and check it out for yourself!

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