's Track Pass

This year I got the "Track Pass" because according to the commercials you could listen to the radios of your favorite drivers. Boy did I find out in a quick fast and hurry way that not all drivers are available. You would think that Tony Stewart, reigning champion, would have a radio session, but no they don't.

They have twelve drivers on the audio, but you think that all the drivers would be on audio according to the commercials. This is just one more lie that Advertising Moguls have placed out in this world. But I can watch the times, I can compare two drivers against each other to see how they measure up.

But that does not make up for the fact that I cannot listen to Tony Stewart's car. I want to hear what Zippy has to say. I want to hear the spotters. I wanted to hear from the radio about the entire episode with Kenseth at Daytona 500.

I cannot believe I spent money on something that I cannot follow my driver. I play the Ultimate Fantasy League and I play the Streak To The Finish, just as I have for the last 4 years. I love the strategies each week of who to bench and who to run. I also love figuring out who does the best at what track.

But the games do not take place of the "Track Pass" and my disappointment that I cannot hear Tony's radio. I don't want to listen to Carl Edwards, granted he's a good driver; he's just not MY driver.

Why advertise false information on a product that you pay for and use from the Daytona 500 to Homestead? NASCAR needs to take a look at this "Track Pass" and should re-adjust the "Track Pass" to include all drivers. I believe that the fans of the sport that do not like the drivers available on "Track Pass" want to hear their drivers on the radio.

I call on the owners and managers of NASCAR to get with the company that runs "Track Pass" and have them to either re-do the commercial or place all drivers on the Audio. Or at least give me a refund.

Published on February 28, 2006 in