The Man In Blue

Driving along in my car,
Doing nothing wrong.
Then all of a sudden,
Red and blue lights flash in my mirrors!

What did I do wrong!
My speed was at the speed limit!
Safely I pull over.
The man in blue knocks on my window.

Wearing mirrored sunglasses so I cannot see his eyes,
His face is masked in a scowl.
"Yes officer?" I ask.
"License, registration and insurance." he coldly replies.

"What have I done wrong?"
Before I know it, my door is yanked open and I am slammed on the hood.
"You do what I say or I will arrest you for resisting arrest!"
Too scared to say anything I dare not move.

All of a sudden, blinding jerkness pulls my head nearly off my shoulders!
The nightstick is under my chin and I am thrown into my car,
"Get that information I asked for NOW!" I am shouted at.
Shaking, I get the information, but I guess I am not moving fast enough.

CRACK! I am hit in the back!
The searing pain brings blindness to my eyes,
I can barely see, CRACK! I am hit again.
Shaking I hand the information over,

But my hand is jerked and my arm is nearly pulled out of the socket,
Pulled behind me, I am forced to the ground,
Both arms are jerked behind me as cold steel metal is slammed around
My wrists, tight, to tight.

I am then picked up and thrown into the backseat.
My head hits the other side of the window.
What have I done?
I look at the computer,

it's my name, but not my face!
I am arrested falsely!
it's a case of mistaken identity!
Help! Help!

But the man in blue doesn't care,
That's the LAPD for you......

Published on July 28, 2006 in