Good Day Sunshine!

Every morning, his smiling face wakes mom,
A shock of blond hair
And the bluest eyes ever seen.

The biggest smile
Meant just for mom.
Mommie's little boy.

A morning kiss 'Hello'
Then it's off to cereal and
Morning Cartoons.

After that it's off to the computer,
Spelling lessons,
Reading lessons, and some math.

Then it's outside time.
Oh! Let's pick this flower,
Mom's allergic to it, but I don't care!

Let's catch that plane that is in the air!
Let's chase the neighbor's cat!
Let's see how dirty we can get!

Then it's lunch time,
MMM my favorite, hot dogs!
Then it's time to cuddle with my teddy.

Before I know what's going on,
I'm asleep on the couch.
And then I wake and it's time to start all over again!

Color on the walls,
Use Mommie's razor to shave the cat,
Walk across the freshly mopped floor with dirty feet.

Why does Mommie smile when i do that?
She never smiles when my big brother and sister do it....

Published on July 18, 2006 in