Good Bye Good Bye

Darkness falls like a black curtain around my heart
The sun shines, but all around me is dark and grey
All around me children laugh and play
But all I can do is lay and cry.

How can I be happy when the one thing I loved
Is stripped from me
I feel bare and naked
Even though I am clothed?

No writing can ever stop the pain,
No amount of kisses
No amount of love
Can ever stop this pain.

I am stripped of everything I once was,
Now I am naked as a baby,
Vulnerable as a newborn,
Unprotected as a child.

Unloved, Unwanted, Unneeded,
Uncared for.
Accused of something I didn't do.
Help me before I fall off the cliff into oblivion.

Published on July 17, 2006 in