Useless Knowledge, Useless Joke

An online magazine,
Thinking it's a real newspaper,
Runs off the best writers in the name of plagurism.

Now the magazine
Is going into print,
Can it be anything more than "The Onion?"

You don't have to have talent to write for them,
They will take anyone that will write for free,
Just do not have an opinion of the news or anything serious.

Be an airhead, they love that,
Be stupid, they love that more
just don't be yourself and show any intellegence.

For you will find a nasty letter from the editor in
Your in-box,
Telling you to answer idiots or they won't print an original work.

I no longer belong to them and neither does my work.
I hope they pull every article, all 250 of them,
For now I am sorry I put off my other talents for them,

Ungrateful and un-forgiving, they deserve each other and I cannot wait to laugh
At the failure of their print.
For Google News, Yahoo news and MSN News all pulled the site for they say that
the eZine is not a real news site.

Why should i support something that doesn't support it's readers?
Off with their pens!

Published on June 11, 2006 in