To Angela, My Friend And Sister

Ever since that day that you walked into the halls of our high school,
I knew we would be instant friends.
You took up for me when other kids called me
Vicious and awful names.

You stood beside me and wiped my tears in the bathroom
You told me that I was beautiful when to others I was an ugly duck.
We had so many laughs and so many tribulations,
That when you left it tore me up inside.

When you left, it tore my heart out,
You said ugly things to me
When for two years you befriended me.
We were more than friends, we were sisters.

20 years later you re-enter my life.
I cried, you cried and all was forgiven.
Now we are best of friends and sisters again.
Always keeping contact with each other.

We got each other caught up on our lives.
And discovered that we are living almost the same,
But it doesn't feel that 20 years have gone since last we saw each other.

Published on May 10, 2006 in