I Spit On Your Grave

For eleven years I put up with you.
You ran around on me and brought me a STD.
You beat me and the children unmercifully.
When you die, I will spit on your grave!

I remember the day,
I smashed you in the face with a cast iron skillet.
I also remember shooting you in the rear-end
With a B.B. Gun.

Is that B.B. still embedded in you?
I hope so,
Because I will spit on your grave.
I hate you so much that I wish you would die.

My anger towards you grows more every day,
Even though I have not been with you for 5 years.
You pushed me away first,
So now I am pushing back.

I still have hatred for you,
And all the cracked ribs you gave me.
Next time you dare to slap me,
I will slap back!

How dare you tell all my friends that you still love me,
You couldn't even love yourself.
You took my secrets
And used them against me.

I hope you die,
A slow and horrible death,
For I hate you with a passion
That can only equal lust.

I spit on you,
Even though you are not dead.
I spit on your girlfriend that gave me the STD.
I will have the chance one day to beat you down.

I will beat you worse than you ever beat me,
I will chop your body into pieces and scatter them
Through the city in dumpsters.
I spit on your grave.

Published on May 9, 2006 in