The Song of Lilith

The night air calls its melody to me.
I dance with the demons of hell,
My ebony hair flows behind
Like a silken cape blowing in the wind.

Singing with the wind,
I dance and sing of my freedom.
I sing of the love that never was mine.
I sing of the man I left behind.

I sing as I make love to the demons,
Knowing that the children I bear will
Be a new race,
A race of the undead.

My vampire children will rule this new world
And I sing for them.
I sing for the lost souls
That will be the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve.

But Adam was a bore and I am happy now,
I dance, sing, and make love.
I breathe in the night air
I let the moon bathe my skin.

Forget clothes, I do not require them.
I am not ashamed of my body.
I love to be looked at naked
And I love to be free.

I am free now that I left Eden,
Free to be me,
To dance and sing.
To sing and be full of joy.

I am full of song tonight,
For I am free of God's Law
And free of a husband.
I am free to sing to my heart's content.

Published on May 1, 2006 in