Rain Against My Windowpane

The rain falls gently against my windowpane.
It is late night and I hear the rain.
I lay here and listen to it fall.

It makes me sad,
Even though I know the flowers and trees need it.
The pitter patter is soothing to some people.

But I find it annoying.
It keeps me awake.
The thunder rolls.

The lightening crashes in the sky,
The light bothers me and keeps me awake.
Even though the rain picks up and pounds the window now.

The rain pounds so hard that it sounds like knocking,
The wind blows the tree and the tap tapping
Sounds like someone is trying to break in.

I lay there and wonder if it is nature
Or if it is some lunatic.
As the rain falls against my window pane.

I lay here and listen to all this,
It is 4 am and I know I have 2 hours
Before my alarm goes off.

For the two hours I lay there
Listening to the rain fall,
Wondering if in the morning the rain will continue.

I fall asleep to the sounds of the pounding rain,
Only to have the alarm goes off in 10 minutes
After I have fallen asleep.

Published on April 29, 2006 in