You stood beside me when I got picked on
In High School, things got bad.
But you wouldn't let me down.

You stood up for me against the clowns,
And even though we lost each other
For 21 years, when I found you again
The years melted away.

It was like we knew each other again.
I am still the red-neck
And you are the princess of the modeling world.

I still love you dearly
You were my sister
And you still are.

I will be beside you
No matter where you are.
I needed you at times in my life,

Just as you needed me in times of your life.
But now we are back
And just as strong.

We both have beautiful men
And beautiful loves.
We have beautiful children.

But even though we are personality different,
We are still as close as we ever were.
And nothing could ever take that away.

I have found you again
And i will never let you go,
For we need each other

To complete each other.
To talk to each other.
We know each other way back when.

You are and will always be my dearest friend......

Published on April 27, 2006 in