My Struggle

The doctor that told me that fateful day
Had no compassion in his eyes or any other way.
I heard the news and it took my breath away.
The big 'C' word took my world and I swayed.

Cancer, Ovarian Cancer.
Oh thou thief of the night!
You just ain't right,
You left my children in a plight.

You could have killed me,
But I am and will always be
Stronger than you and you will never be
The killer of me.

You may think you got me with making me sick,
But I had Chemotherapy and Radiation quick.
You thought you were going to be slick,
But I fought you with a stick.

You will never get into my mind,
And to my body you will never bind,
I will search for you until you I find.
And I will not be sidelined.

I will continue to fight and grow
Even though you might think I don't know
That you are still there, lurking and waiting for me to show
That weak side that everybody glows.

You will never get me down again,
I am on the mend,
I will be your end.

Published on April 27, 2006 in