Love of a Lifetime

Laying next to you in the late of the night.
Your head rests gently on your hand.
The soft tendril curls of your hair lay gently across the gentle curves of your neck.

I keep falling in love with you more and more with each passing day.
Our love grows and blossoms like a rose bush in full bloom.
Each branch has a bud ready to blossom next.
I never thought I could find the love of a lifetime
Until I look at my left hand and see this brilliant blue Sapphire
You put on my hand.

It's the little things that matter most,
The way you remind me to take my medicines,
The way you rub my back when my muscles are tight.
The way you gently tell me to go to sleep.

The way you walk slow because I cannot walk fast.
The way you play with both boys and love my oldest son
As if he was your own flesh and blood.

It's every little thing that you do for me and our family,
That's what makes your love the love of my lifetime.
When the world is getting down on me and I am in
A manic cry, you stay on the phone with me even if you have other work to do.
You don't seem to mind that my delaying your work bothers you.

You know that when I need just to be held,
Even if I haven't said a word to you.
I guess it's something on my face that tells you that I am in pain emotionally.

I love when you hold me and just stroke my hair.
I love the way that you help me with my shoes and never complain.
I love the way you calm me when I am upset over the stupidest things.

I love the way that you make silly faces and try your best
To make me laugh when I need it.
I love the encouragement you give when I am down on myself.
I love the way you call me after all of the doctors I go to
Just to see how the visit went and if any medications were changed.

I love the way you remember my favorite color, my favorite flower
And my favorite gemstones.
I love the way you roll over in the night and let me hold you while you sleep.
I love the way I kiss you before you go to work and as soon as you get home.

I never thought I could ever love someone like I love you
And each day, my love grows more and more.

Published on April 24, 2006 in