My Daughter, My Friend

Oh my first born,
How I have watched you grow from child to woman.
I've watched you blossom like the rarest of orchids.

My only daughter and my friend,
We have shared secrets known only to us.
I have seen you through both sorrow and joy.

I know you are in love with a boy,
But please don't rush things so fast,
You have much to learn at last.

For everyday,
Even in my ripe old age,
I am still learning new things everyday.

My darling Alexis,
How you shine,
Like the rarest of topazes,
Or a red red wine.

Like the most beautiful of poems
Or the rarest of butterflies,
You fill my life with light and love.

I miss you terribly when you are not near
But I will never stop loving you,
For that you should never have any fear.

But please please come to terms with yourself
And please don't be anyone else.
You are perfect just the way you are.

I love you with all my soul,
For you are not only by daughter
But my heart and breath.

Published on April 23, 2006 in