My Son Mason, The Dreamer

Ah, my ten-year-old dreamer,
What is it you are dreaming?
You want to be so many things,
I hope I am around to see you accomplish those things.

You want to be a race car driver,
You want to be a deep sea diver,
You want to play basketball,
You have so much gaul.

You want to write like Mom,
You want to do so many things.
You are young and have plenty of time
Please do not rush your childhood away.

For you will miss it someday.
I am here to help you find your way.
I will never leave your side
For that is my pleasure in life.

To see what you make of your life,
To see if you reach your goals
And to love you even if you fail
For you have such inner strengh that not even the sharpest winds of a gale

Could ever slow you down.
You wake each morning with a new plan,
I know that when you are a man,
You will have your own two feet to stand.

Every little accomplishment you gain,
You stand a little straighter that day.
Oh sure you make mistakes from time to time
But you would not be human if you didn't.

But nomatter what, nothing you do
Could ever break my love for you.
For you are my precious first born son
And i want to see you accomplish what you want done.

Oh, my dear Mason, what you have love,
I too have shared with you,
Your joys, your sorrows, your set-backs
But i will always be by your side.

For you see, you were and will always be my son
No mater where life takes you.

Published on April 23, 2006 in