Sweet Dreams Little One

I stand beside your bed and gaze lovingly at you.
Your little hand pressed against your cheek,
Your eyes dart back and forth
Under closed lids.
I wonder what it is you dream of little one.

Do you dream of places far away?
Of sailing on the sea?
Do you know how much you mean to me?

You look just like Daddy when you sleep,
An angel sent from God for me to keep.
When you wake in the mornings,
You always smile to greet the new day.

How could I love someone so small this way?
As I watch you grow each day,
I marvel at how much you know
And how much you learn as the days go by.

With hair of blond and eyes so blue
I could never not love you.

You entered my life on a snowy day,
And you were so quiet that the doctors had to smack your bottom
just to hear you cry.
But you laid on my stomach and lifted your head high.

Such a strong baby you were,
Such a strong boy you are growing into.
You keep me in amazement everyday
And the things you say.

You will be leaving my side soon,
For off to school you will go.
You will learn things
That I don't know.

But I will learn with you
For my mind to follow you and grow.
But to me you will always be
The little boy that picks flowers for me.

I love you son,
So much that you will never know.

Published on April 22, 2006 in