My Secret Love That I Once Had

For nineteen years you have been in my life.
I was in love with you for so long,
That to love anyone else would be wrong.
Now I have a new love.

It is eating you up inside,
You realize too late what you pushed aside,
Now you claim your love for me is real
But how can i trust that when there is no deal.

We broke up many years ago
We lost touch with each other
Then by some fate
You re-entered my life.

You are not the one that I love
And you are not the one I want to marry
In fact, you are not the one at all.
I can't believe you think I would still have a schoolgirl crush.

I can be your friend,
But please don't bring up the past,
For my fondness can turn to hate
In a hurry and fast.

I didn't appreciate the pictures that you sent
They were obscene and made me bent.
My fiance saw those pictures
And our love became endangered.

You could never fill his shoes,
You could never love me the way he does,
I love you like a friend,
Please don't make me cut you out of my life again.

There once was a time,
When I wished you were mine.
But when I said the words 'Baby,' 'family,' and 'love,'
You bolted like OJ's Glove.

How can you come back after all these years,
And talk to me through your tears?
Did you think that by declaring your love for me
Would break down some wall that only you can see?

I am about to marry this new man,
This man that loves me that is named Dan.
This man stood beside me when I had cancer
You would have left me alone
To deal with it on my own.

Yes you were my love at one time,
But that time is gone.
I know this is a rhyme,
But you are gone like an old song.

Published on April 21, 2006 in