I Believe This Knife Belongs To You

We have been best friends for years,
Then all of a sudden I hear a terrible secret.
I found out that the secret is a lie
I believe this knife belongs to you.

How could you treat me this way?
Anytime you needed something
I was there.
When you needed groceries, I was there.
I know this knife belongs to you.

You tried to break up my marriage,
You said awful things about my children,
You tried to be me,
But this knife in my back belongs to you.

I saved your life once,
Don't you remember?
I beat a man that was beating you.
I do believe this knife belongs to you.

We went for years as sisters and friends
Then you coveted something that I had
A happy life, and you set out to kill that.
Take your knife out of my back!

You tried to destroy me mentally,
But you didn't count that I was and am strong,
What you did was so wrong,
I believe this knife belongs to you.

I know you cannot answer this now,
not after the many years of of lies and deception.
I caught you in bed with my husband
That's when the knife was pushed farther.

I walked out that day
and moved 1,000 miles away
I didn't want to be near you or him,
Please take your knife back.

Use it on someone else,
I don't need your false friendship.
I don't need your fake smiles,
Take your knife and walk a mile.

Published on April 21, 2006 in