Sophia Sophia, That Sure Is A Pretty Name!

My Sophia lights up when she smiles,
She makes the clouds go away
And the sun always shines upon her
As if Angels were kissing her cheeks.

My darling Goddaughter,
How you make me smile,
Your laughter is like bells ringing
For you I'd walk a mile.

To see you grow into a beautiful young woman
Right before my eyes is as lovely as a butterfly
Emerging from its cocoon.
The way you dance rather than walk is amusing.

The way you crawl up into my lap and hug me
Makes my day that much brighter.
To make you ear-rings and find you nail poilishes
Is a thing I love the best.

For you are my angel,
Heaven sent to me
So I wouldn't be so alone without a girl
To make me not blue.

Nothing could take the place of you.
For you are the smile that creeps on my face
When nothing else is going right for me.
To hug you in my arms is like hugging the sun.

You bring so much joy into my life
That words alone cannot tell you how much you mean to me.
Just keep in your heart that I love you
Always and forever.

Published on April 21, 2006 in