Daddy's Little Girl

As I stand here in my Tux,
My breath is taken away
You are no longer the little girl in pigtails and skinned knees
But a grown woman and the prettiest I have ever seen.

My mind races back to the days of you.
I see every metamorphosis of the butterfly that is before my eyes.
Standing here today in her wedding gown.
Hair done in ringlets curls and Mother's pearls.

My heart is both filled with love and loss
For I know that after today,
You will not be in my home, but a home of your own
With a man that loves you almost as much as I do.

With shaky knees I walk you down the aisle,
Your face beaming with love and an inner glow
I see your future standing there and his face is the
Same reflection of yours.

'Who here gives this bride away?'
I wanted to say no and pull you back into the fold
The home you grew up in.
Your initials that you carved on the banister of the staircase.

How can I forget the tea parties that I attended?
How can I forget the hair curlers in my hair?
How can I forget all the report cards?
How can I ever forget that you are one of the most important women in my life?

I step back and sit down beside your mother,
I am handed a hankie for my tears are streaming down,
But I don't care,
Let the world see my emotions as my only daughter is growing up before my very own eyes.

I watch as you go from wearing jeans and tennis shoes to wearing a champagne gown.
I watch as your eyes light up when you say 'I Do.'
That clinches the deal for me,
You are no longer my daughter but a full gown woman.

I wish you nothing but love my daughter
My butterfly
My little girl
God Speed on your travels through the rest of your life.

Published on April 20, 2006 in