My Seventh Heaven

You are my seventh heaven,
You are the air that I breathe,
You are the last thing I think of at night
And the first thing I think of upon waking in the morning.

I can't wait for you to come home from work in the evenings,
To be in your arms once more
Makes my knees quiver
And I lose my breath.

I love to inhale your smell deeply,
I take naps on your pillow just to have your smell
Lull me off to dreamland.
I need you like the flowers need the rain.

My love for you grows everyday
I had no idea that love has no plateau.
I only know that I am
At my best when I am with you.

You are the sunshine that lights up my days and my nights
To be without you,
Especially now I know you
Would break my heart into many small pieces.

To see your smile,
Be it at me or our boys,
Is like the spring tulips in all their glory.
Every thing seems brighter and lovelier.

When you hold me at night and tell me that I am yours,
I feel like I am the world's luckiest woman,
I need you everyday
And to not have you would be like walking in the dessert with no water.

I love you so much
I cannot wait to hear the words,
"I now pronounce you man and wife"
For that it is my biggest dream of all.

I want to be your life partner for ever
I want to be able to make you as happy as you have made me,
I love you baby!

Published on April 20, 2006 in