We Move As One

Laying me gently back on the bed
As your kisses trail from my mouth to my neck.
Hands exploring, we both breathe as deep as a marathon runner.
And we move as one

Your kisses trail off as you raise your head to look me square in the face.
The passion burning in your eyes has me
I am yours forever and always.
As we move as one

Your hands travel to my hips
My head rolls back in pure ecstasy.
Gently you lift me and your eyes search out mine.
As we begin to move as one

Together, locked in love's embrace,
We move as one
Your hands move up and clinched fists grab my hair.

You whisper softly into my ear
That there is no other place you would rather be at that moment in time.
We move as one.

My head snuggles into the gentle curve of your neck
I cannot catch my breath now
We move as one.

Your hands seek out mine
As we move as one
And you remind me that there is an earth instead of just space

Floating back into reality
I search out your eyes
As we move as one.

Published on April 17, 2006 in