You Make Me Sick

When I hear your voice I want to punch you in the face
You make me sick.
You hurt me in so many ways.

So many times I tried to gain your love,
But it was never mine to begin with.
Why should I have married you?

You donıt care about anyone other than yourself.
You probably even kiss yourself in the mirror.
You really make me sick.

When you talk like that,
You turn my stomach.
I want to just never have anything to do with you.

But that prayer cannot be answered,
For I have to talk to you,
We have two connections that will keep us together forever.

You disgust me.
You donıt hold up to your promises.
You wouldnıt know a promise if it sat on your lap.

Why should I be nice to you or your girlfriends?
Iım done with that part of life now,
I have my own life to live.

But I had to pen this to let everyone know
Because you make me sick,
You make me want to do things that are unmentionable.

You honestly and really make me sick.

Published on April 14, 2006 in