I Dont' Want The World To See Me

Looking through the window pane
I watch the world go by
I wonder why I canšt be out there in the sunshine

I want to feel the wind in my hair
I want to feel the warmth on my skin
I want to hear children laugh

I donšt want to be in despair anymore
I want to live
My life flashes before my eyes and I daydream

I dream of home
Of Mom and Dad
Of my friends and family

I dream of my house with the large backyard
The huge pecan trees
The magnolia in the front

I dream of home fried chicken
Of Sundays at Grandmašs
Of sitting at the lake with my friends watching the sun go down

I dream of cross country running
The roses at Christmas
The warm lake water in summer

I dream of my cats and dogs
I dream of places Išve been
I dream of the roller coasters

Most of all I dream of being home again

Published on April 14, 2006 in