I Remember You

Last time I saw you was in the mirror
Not in my mind, but the one on the wall.
You said to me, "It's going to be OK, its just hair!"

Next time I saw you in that same mirror,
I dreamed of you with those flowing long red locks
Now what is there is a wig.

I remember you with the smile so bright and
Eyes so full of life.
Now they seem to have lost their glow.

Tonight I stand in the mirror once more and watched as your face changed.
You took off the wig and stood there with your bald spots.
You wondered what life would be like if you had died.

But you cannot leave without leaving a piece of you behind.
More than one piece, three pieces.
Then you covered the mirror.

You went to your bed and you lay there and wondered how the city by the lake
Would fare without you.
For there is not a chance tonight that you will remember me.

I live deep inside of you and you thought I went away.
How could you even love yourself when you felt ugly?
I love you no matter how much hair or weight you lost.

I am a part of you that will never die,
I am you, you are I.
We belong together for we are one and the same.

I remember the laughter that sounded like a bell,
I remember the unsuspected surprises to your kids.
I remember the walks in the rain.

I remember your first crush,
I remember your high school days,
I remember you alwaysŠ..

Published on April 13, 2006 in