The Hope of Children

Three children stood by their mother's bed,
Each one not knowing what to say,
Two not understanding what the word Cancer was.

One child took on a role that she wasn't prepared for.
She cooked and cleaned and helped to raise a one-year-old.
The eight-year-old did research until he understood.

One baby only knowing that Momma couldn't play anymore,
One mother fearing she wouldn't be able to see her
Children grow up, graduate, marry and become parents.

One man so full of love that he could have walked out,
But instead chose to stay
He loved the woman so much that he went through the battle with her.

The children learned to help Mom when she has treatments
One Mom grateful for the unconditional love.
The love that kept her fighting instead of giving up.

One day the news came,
Mom was winning the fight,
The gift of God was graced upon the family.

Time passed and Mom won,
The prayers of three children were answered,
And they all rejoiced

Published on April 11, 2006 in