Radio Shows and Poetry

The thrill of having a book that has come out after a long time of trying to get it published is the excitement of doing a radio talk show about your book. I was thrilled that the hosts not only asked about some of the characters, but they had seen my web-page and asked about the poetry I used to write years ago to

It was an amazing feeling to realize that you weren't on the show to just hawk your book to try to get enough interest in writing the next one.

That was my real goal when I began writing again long ago. Get enough interest in my talents to have my book published. It took John Grisham 9 YEARS to get his book published and look where he is today. I started writing the rough draft of Night Falls on Chicago back in late 2004. Now, not only is it published, but it's in the Library of Congress as well.

On the show, I got a kick out of the two hosts, Monica and Oanna. Oanna made me laugh by telling me if I don't respect vampires, she'll make Romanian Cookies out of my blood! And also on the show with me was Barbara Wooley. She's got a great book out. I wish I had time to read her book, but to be honest, with the latest rounds of the super heated chemo, plus trying to figure out the stupid book trailer, I'm rather frazzled and don't have enough time to read anything beyond figuring out if I'm using shampoo or conditioner in the bath! LOL!!

Well, I've got a ton of work to try to get done, even on a Sunday, it never ends..

Blog to you soon!!

P.S. (The interview is archived on my website!

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