How Sweet It Is!!

Today I received the email that I have waited six years to get. My book, Night Falls On Chicago, is IN PRINT!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! It's so fabulous to know that the hard work and going from publisher to publisher has paid off and now I have sent my words like a ship on the ocean of literature.

Next step, market market market! Need to sell enough to get myself a car. We have one car between Hubby and I, but when you have kids that are into Scouting and church activities, having only one car during the months of January to April STINKS!

It adds to the amount I am away from home during the day just having to run hubby to work, he's the area manager for a tax franchise, then there's the grocery store, almost every day I'm at the school house. Then there's the dog who thinks she needs to go to the Puppy Park on a daily basis. And then it's off to Scouts, Church, School Functions, back home to fix dinner, throw a load of laundry into the washer. Get everyone fed and then back out again to pick up Hubby from work.

I have to sit down once a week and plan out what I need to do on certain days and if an emergency pops up? Well the emergency gets overlooked unless it's in walking distance of my home. It's not glamorous and fun, in fact it's a bit annoying. I can't have a spur of the moment to go take a friend out for coffee or to lunch.

Hopefully that will all change once the book gets out!

For now, you can order it here, few days from now it will be on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Peace out~


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