Heaven's Newest Guardian Angel

Last night, Brooklynn Faith lost her fight.

Today, I try to put reason and ease into my own heart. But I can't . She was just a baby for crying out loud! How will she know what the first day of school is like? How will she know what falling in love, getting your first kiss, going to your first school dance, having your heart broke is like?

I know she's not hurting or sick anymore, and I know I didn't know her personally, but I feel like she was a family member. My heart reached out and grasped the strawberry blonde, blue eyed angel the moment I saw her picture. And my heart is refusing to let her go.

Oh I know I should be writing in glee over how I got the galley proof of my book and today I got the cover art, and soon the book will be out. But I can't be joyous when I know that in Canada, there are two parents grieving hard. And her sister isn't even old enough to understand yet!

But I do know that Brooklyn is a guardian angel looking out for her twin. Looking out for all babies that are sick, looking out for all of us to stop in our days and remember that at every second, someone in the world is pronounced dead. People we don't know die every second while someone we don't know, might not ever know is being born. Such is the circle of life. Vicious, cruel, yet wonderful and joyous at the same time.

Published on 12/30/2011 in