Hurt Hits Heart BAD

Every day I get hit with prayer requests from different people wanting me to add people to my prayer list and I do so with a open and happy heart. I'm not happy because of the reasons WHY I'm praying for people that I don't personally know, because it's mostly prayers for people who are very sick and close to death.

But one request hit me in the heart and hit me hard because my oldest granddaughter is the same age as the child I've been asked to pray for.

Brooklynn Joslin-Magro is a sweet looking baby girl who is in Canada. Her story is wretched as the Catholic Church has obviously over-stepped its bounds in this case. This is the story of the family.

"Brooklyn was born to my niece Laura 19 months ago along with her twin sister Desiree. Both girls are in the custody of Children's Aid because of their health, they were born prematurely. Laura wanted to move from where she lives and things happened that CAS came and took the babies but left custody of the older 3 with my niece. Since Brooklyn has been in CAS she has been in and out of hospital, my niece has been there since day one visiting at the hospital and everything, fighting CAS by herself to have the twins returned. The doctors did a ct scan and found that he shunt was blocked, Brooklyn had surgery 2-3 days ago to open the shunt that is in her brain to drain fluids, when they went in, they had to tug on the shunt as it was stuck to her skull and when they did it caused her brain to bleed, she then went into the coma. It's been a few days now and she isn't responding on her own for breathing. They Doctors have said to Laura (the mom) to think over the weekend and they are having a meeting on Monday to most likely pull her completely off the machines and let her go. Please pray for Brooklynn that she pulls thru and for my niece to be strong thru all of this."

Since receiving this message, Brooklynn hasn't pulled out and the family is preparing themselves for her to pass-on to the next realm.

I couldn't imagine having to prepare to say goodbye to a child. Especially one so young as Brooklynn is. I just can't get over this.

If you pray, meditate, whatever….please keep Brooklynn and her family in your thoughts.

Published on 12/29/2011 in