Dance Like You Mean It

It's Christmas Eve, Eve, Eve and I'm spending a few moments on the desktop to get out a few thoughts before taking some time to spend with my husband and my youngest before the New Year is here and we return to a life of Hubby being at work 13 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This week we took our youngest to Six Flags Over Texas and Holiday In The Park. We had a great time taking pictures with reindeer and watching the youngest go down a snow hill. Then we walked around, drank hot chocolate and I drank coffee until we came to the Texas Section. If you have ever been to Six Flags Over Texas, you know they have the park divided up into sections that represent the six flags that have flown over Texas since the inception.

In the Texas Section, they had lights in all the trees and all of a sudden, the sounds of the Trans-Siberian orchestra started blaring and the lights began to “dance” with the music. Our youngest began to dance in time to the music and it wasn't long before I noticed more people were watching him dance than the spectacle of the lights.

Isn't it great how when your 9 years old, when the mood strikes you, you dance as if no one is watching? How I wish MORE adults would dance like that. Just spontaneously break out into dancing. How fun it would be to see people dancing instead of fighting, or dragging their feet. How great it would be to have that joy in your heart all the time that the younger kids seem to have.

I wish I could just dance when I felt like it instead of worrying what would be thought of me if I suddenly broke out into a jig at the grocery store because the canned music touched me. I'd love to bop in time to the music during Mass when it's an upbeat tune and my soul wants to. Wouldn't it be fun to be on a street corner, waiting to cross, and suddenly start doing the Cupid Shuffle?

I guess I'm too old to do any of that. I guess that once you become a mother, a community leader, and a Scout Leader, your just to old to dance anymore!!

Published on 12/22/2011 in