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Every year I love to watch "A Christmas Story." Tonight I sat with my great-niece and watched it with her while Hubby and the youngest went off to church. By her reactions to the movie, I am assuming it was her first time to watch it. But then again she's 5 and thinks the Care Bears are a new thing.

She kept asking question after question and at times I began to wonder why I even liked this movie to begin with. I figured it would be a good movie to watch with her and the bad language isn't there, it's got a great story line and the biggest plus is that it's not ANIMATED! I didn't want to spend another night stuck with cartoons and the like.

Most of her questions as the movie went on and on went from being about the movie and went to normal 5 year old questions, stuff like "Do you know how to tell time?" My answer to her was "You have to know how to tell time to graduate from Kindergarten." She'll start Kindergarten in the fall as she just turned 5.

I am starting to wonder about the future of the American People if the 5 and 6 year olds of today are going to be in charge one day in the future.

Then she got into a closet I told her not to get into and started to drag out Christmas Presents I had hidden away from her and from my youngest. I only hope she didn't break my gift to my husband for his birthday. His birthday is 7 days before Christmas and every year, I've made a point to get him a gift for his Birthday that isn't a Christmas Gift and make him a cake. Growing up, most of the years his birthday and Christmas got put together. I want him to know that I appreciate him on every day, and so I make a fuss over him on each day.

So in a fit of anxiety, I rushed in there with the dog at my heels only to find that luckily the present I bought him wasn't broken, just placed on the dresser. WHEW! I am so glad! I spent months searching for the perfect present this year and it took a LONG time to get it in my hands in time for his birthday. I could just see me having a breakdown and sobbing uncontrollably over something that couldn't be replaced.

Well, it's time for bed now, kids are in bed sleeping, Hubby is waiting to help me put the ointment on my lower back and he's got my night meds that I take each night ready for me to take and then hopefully get a good night's rest. Tomorrow is another round of chemo and I'm so looking forwards to that……NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talk to ya soon!!

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