The Brighter Side of YouTube

I spend a lot of time on YouTube watching funny clips of videos that people post while I'm in the process of getting a chemo treatment. My favorites have been a series of wildlife videos narrated by a guy named Randall. Most of you have seen "Honey Badger," I'm sure by now. If not, you need to see it!

A friend of mine today has hooked me up with another animal video about a porcupine named Teddy that eats corn on the cob and will attack anyone that tries to take the cob away from him. I laughed so hard at the antics of Teddy that I nearly ruined our desktop by spitting ginger ale from laughing so hard. A link after the Teddy video led me to another video of a porcupine that thinks he's a puppy! I got the giggles so hard that my own puppy started barking at me, thinking I needed medical help.

Videos of wildlife that show a comical side seem to have a medicinal effect on me. I hurt a little less with each guffaw and snort that I let loose while watching these animals. So in my case, the old adage of "laughter is the best medicine" is true. My inner being seems to calm a bit more; I don't hurt as bad in my extremities and in my rear end where I get my shots. I even have something to look forwards to in order to keep my mind off of the tests and treatments and the endless hours of waiting in doctors' offices and clinics.

It is videos I can let my 9 year-old watch and not be afraid of what he might see. It is a way to spend time with my husband and we can laugh at something that isn't highbrow comedy. Even my own mother gets into these videos and we enjoy watching a retriever puppy fall asleep into a bowl of water.

There is just something heart-warming and gentle about watching the comical side of the animal kingdom. Most of all, it's non-violent (except for the Honey Badger eating snakes, but that's what they do!) it gives animals another side to them that humans rarely get to see. It is a great way to see that the Human Race isn't the only species of animals with a sense of comedic timing.

So I urge you to take about 5 minutes out of each day to look on YouTube for videos of animals being silly, your heart and mind with thank you for it!!!

Published on 12/01/2011 in