Oh Yeah, I Called This One In!!

For weeks I have been glued to both the television and the Internet for days on end watching the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray occur out in Los Angeles California. Today, the jury came back with a verdict of GUILTY of MANSLAUGHTER. The Houston Cardiologist could face four years in jail and he will be stripped of his medical license, no matter how long the judge sentences him for.

The details of the last days of the King Of Pop, Michael Jackson, was heart wrenching. No matter what you thought of the man himself, you have to keep in mind; he left behind three children who only saw him as “Daddy.” My soul has been ripped to shreds when I saw his youngest in a tribute to his father about three weeks ago now. That baby looked so lost and alone, his older siblings look like they are going to be just fine, but you could tell that the youngest, “Blanket” is still carrying a huge hurt for the loss of his father and his best friend.

The trial itself wasn't an easy thing to sit and watch unfold as pictures of Michael Jackson, laying on a gurney, were made public. Those are pictures that even though they are morbidly curious, I'm sure his family and fans would rather remember the pictures of him dancing, singing, and laughing. The pictures of him that his children hold dear are the ones that should be more celebrated rather than the post mortem ones that once they were published in court, raced across wires quicker than the news of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

I am glad that this is one of the trials that I was engrossed in this year that the verdict did indeed fit the crime. Unlike the Casey Anthony Trial, the tears this time were in the realization that justice was not dead and that people are held accountable for their actions, no matter how much money they threw at it.

Published on 11/07/2011 in