The Many Sides Of Cides

There are many names that are in use for different types of murder. Matricide, Patricide, Homicide, Suicide and now we add the word Bullycide. What is Bullycide and how is it coming into play in today's society?

There have been more and more reports of children and teens committing suicide due to being bullied. This is NOT a new phenomenon. I can remember being bullied, picked on, during my school years and wanting to kill myself just to end the hurt. But it is being reported more and more these days because we, as a society, are facing the hard truths of what bullying can actually do to our next generations.

Everything from kids shooting other kids at schools, to kids hanging themselves at home, it seems like every time I turn to the news stations, I see more and more reports of what the pain of bullying is bringing to the new age. And now that more and more of our children live in the cyber age, the bullies have an easier avenue to reach their victims. They no longer have to lay in wait for them in the school halls or on the streets; they can reach right into the homes and into the brains of the victims.

I use the word victim instead of children, because it's not limited to children. Adults can and do bully other adults through the Internet as well. But stories of adults committing Bullycide are not as rampant as the stories on adolescents and children because we as a society don't want to recognize that even adults bully other adults. It could be in the form of domestic abuse, or simply bullies from school finding their victims from the school times and just carrying on the same old same old, no matter what the age of the bully or the victim.

We want to turn a blind eye and think that adults don't behave like High School age or younger children, when in reality it does exist. Words of exclusion and hurt are thrown at people with such abandon that no one cares to stop and think of what it does to the person that is the target or their families that watch with pain at the thought of a loved one being picked on, pushed around, knocked to the ground.

How can we stop the children from bullying each other, when adults can't even set the example by accepting everyone for who they are, regardless of race, sexual orientation, religious preference, or occupation? How can we expect the younger generations to be more tolerant if they cannot see the older generations be more tolerant themselves? When do the tears and questions stop and actions begin? Do we hold the parents of bullies to a legal obligation for their children's moral misbehaviors?

The time for action is now, but in order to have action, we need to hold EVERYONE accountable for their actions, not only children but adults as well.

Published on 11/01/2011 in