Courage In The Face Of The Monster

This past summer, the eyes of Texas were glued to the tiny town of San Angelo and the trial of Warren Steed Jeffs. What struck me, pure courage in the entire thing was one guy who had the fortitude to take the stand and testify what the False Prophet did to him when he was 5 years old!

That guy is Jeffs' own nephew, Brent Jeffs.

Recently Brent appeared on the Dr. Phil show along with former bodyguard of Warren Jeffs, Willie Jessop. Jessop was close enough to Jeffs that he knew more than what he is stating publically he knew. Jessop even has gone so far as to defend HIS OWN constitutional rights.

I'm sorry, but if you don't pay federal taxes to the United States AND you have knowledge of people taking advantages of public services, does that give you the right to drape the American flag around you when it's convenient? What gives Jessop the right to come out publically and state that Brent LIED about what happened to him and that Brent LIED while on the witness stand? Was Jessop in the room when Warren molested Brent? Has Jessop read the diaries of Warren? No, I don't think so!!

What makes me say that Jessop hasn't read the diaries? It's against the beliefs of the FLDS for anyone other than the Prophet to read those diaries. It would be eternal damnation for anyone other than the Prophet to read that material. Just as it's eternal damnation for the members of the church to have seen, heard, or read anything having to deal with the criminal prosecutions against Warren Jeffs, a man they believed for YEARS to be their spiritual leader.

The damages done to this cult by the leaders for over a hundred years is going to take many MANY years for the people affected to heal from the hurt and pain caused by False Prophets. These men who claim to be mouthpieces of God are nothing more than power hungry animals. I used the word men only because if I use the words I really think of EACH of the Prophets of the FLDS, my inbox would be filled with more hate mail than when I wrote a column for Useless Knowledge about women who marry men that are on death row convicted of murder.

Yeah I got one of those women I mentioned in that column YEARS ago to recently send me a email demanding I take her out of the piece and she doesn't understand that once I submitted to that site, the piece became Useless Knowledge's property to run, edit, or not publish at all! Like I have that much control over a column vs. a blog!

But Brent Jeffs has shown me that he is a MAN OF COURAGE. Brent is a survivor. He's a God-Fearing man, and to think that after what happened to him by his own Uncle, he has the fortitude to forgive God and know in his heart that what happened to him wasn't the work of God, but the work of a sick pedophile.

He's a dental assistant and he has a daughter of his own now. Brent has closed the chapter in the book in his life that deals with the pain and anger against his own FAMILY MEMBER that ripped his childhood and he's able to move forward instead of wallowing in the mire of pain and depression. He's inspirational and he is a guy that I wish more people were like.

Sometimes I wish I had that ability to forgive those that hurt me. The ability to know that what happened over years and years of bullying and abuse were not because God did hate me, but those that hurt me were an instrument of evil. I wish I could forgive myself for the pain and hurt I have caused others simply because I hurt and I wanted those around me to hurt as bad as I did. I wanted the outside to match the ugly on the inside.

Maybe one day the lessons I could learn from Brent Jeffs and other kids in the FLDS that have escaped and have forgiven, will reach some peace in my life.

Brent, if you ever read this, you are an inspiration to others. Even if you didn't mean to become a beacon of hope, you are one.

Published on 09/29/2011 in