I don't know if that's a word or not, but it's my word for the latest phenomenon that has hit our airwaves. Polygamist marriages and families have come out of hiding and I am AGHAST at the media eating this up!!

Ok, so the Browns and the other families that have come forward AREN'T members of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, headed by the current prophet and Texas' newest jailhouse resident, Warren Steed Jeffs. And these two families circulating the news programs and the interviews don't think that girls under the age of 18 are fair game as far as plural wives go. But they all do follow the Mormon religion. Not the mainstream Mormon, but they are followers of what the Mormon religion USED to be before 1890.

In 1890, the Mormons (or Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) stopped their practices of polygamy and phased it out over a time frame of 13 years. From that decision there was a split and the other sects formed. We are all well versed in the FLDS and those of us in Texas followed the trial of Warren Steed Jeffs with both fascination and disgust. He is convicted of having inappropriate sexual relations with a 12 year old and a 15 year old had his baby.

What gets me is he is on tape from the jail cell stating that he is NOT the “prophet” and the members of his sect are BANNED from the Internet and other news medias. Those people don't even KNOW what he said! For a century, the followers have been trained to believe that word comes from God to the Prophet to them. If they don't do what the Prophet says, then they anger God and they go to Hell.

Simple enough?

What I don't understand is these families coming out and stating that jealousy doesn't play a part in their married lives. I'm sorry, but I flunked sharing in Kindergarten and I so don't get how more than one woman can be all right with sharing their husband and only seeing him on certain days of the week. To think of what the FLDS women go through when there are more than 7 “wives” in the relationship, they only get that marital bond with their husband maybe once or twice a month. And if a FLDS man is ran out of town, his wives are reassigned to new husbands and the children switch from calling one man “Daddy” to a new man being called “Daddy.” Even if the kids don't like the new man, they have to hide this issue or they are disciplined. What if the wives of the reassignment don't get along with the old wives? What if the new wives can't get the old kids to call them “Mother ____________?”

Even though this decision might hurt the women and their kids, it's something that they live with.

A lot of people, after the Jeffs trial, and during the trial stated openly that the mothers of the girls need to be prosecuted. I'm here to say that the United States Government would be WRONG in doing this. Ok, so 12 is TOO YOUNG to marry, but none of the followers of Jeffs knew what went on behind closed doors. His brothers are keeping the people of the FLDS ignorant of the FACTS brought out in court.

Polygamy is NOT a new concept in America. It's not going to go away quietly, and with more and more shows on the television like “Sister Wives,” and “Big Love” Americans are becoming numb to the idea of polygamy. Even though state and federal laws ban such actions, when polygamous families appear on television and are open about the relationships they are living, no one is arrested.

WAKE UP PEOPLE! Either we change the laws locally and federally to allow these people to continue to practice their faith, or we prosecute every single one of them that come out on television and sit there with these stars in their eyes, acting like their daily lives are the correct way to worship God, and throw their asses in jail.

Published on 09/27/2011 in