How Much Did She Know?

I am a FOOTBALL WIDOW! Even when the NFL isn't on, it's college or CANADIAN football going on in front of my husband's eyes. I tend to watch documentaries while he's engrossed in a game that to save my life, I know nothing about. This past weekend, Biography Channel had several programs on about Charles Manson, his "family" and the murders that propelled them into infamy.

One program I watched was a two hour, heart wrenching interview with an eye witness to the murders and to what life was like inside this group, Linda Kasabian. Debra Tate, sister of slain actress Sharon, stated that she doesn't believe that Linda should have been exonerated for her part in the crimes on the basis that she turned State's evidence. This got me to thinking about Linda and what kind of a person was she 40 years ago. Was she the innocent "flower child" that Prosecution claimed she was, or is she simply a woman that is a skilled liar?

The details she came out with during the trials and in the time since makes me wonder just what hand did she have at Cielo Drive. Did she stand in the backyard as she claimed, or did she take part in the crimes but is stating that she had no part in the actual stabbings? We do know for a fact that it was her that threw the pistol that Charles "Tex" Watson used at the crime scene out of the sedan as they made their way back to Spahn Ranch. It was Linda that threw the bloody clothing out the window as well. Does that make her an accessory? Or does it make her a person that was going along with the flow in order to save her own life?

Would she have been another victim of "The Family" if she refused to do anything? It is known as FACT that members of "The Family" tried to kill Barbra Hoyt, she was a member of the cult that was on the witness list during the 1970 trial. It is FACT that James and his wife, Lauren Willet were also killed by the family. We know as a FACT that Gary Hinman was also a victim of Charles and his gang. What isn't common knowledge is the persons who killed Marina Habe, Darwin Scott, Doreen Gaul, Ronald Hughes (Leslie Van Hougten's Attorney), Karl Stubbs and Saladin Nader. But what is known about those people I just named all have one or more connections to the band of people that Charlie pulled around himself and deemed "The Family."

Even though it's been 40 years since the Tate/LaBianca Murders, the gruesomeness of the murders isn't forgotten. Most historians claim that the night in August, 1969 is when the Hippie movement in California came crashing to a halt. Others say that since Manson posed himself as a hippie that the real "hippies" got a bad name from just those two nights. But I say that Manson wasn't a hippie. Manson didn't believe in the environment that the Hippies tried to create. He was and still is, a power tripper who wanted to rule the world. Hippies wanted to find a utopian state to live in. One where no one person was better than the next person. Everyone was equal, no matter the color of their skin or their gender. They wanted to be one with the earth and one with each other. Manson wanted everyone to bow to him and kiss his feet and look to him as a Messiah.

Several cults have come and gone in the time since the "Family" burst onto the scene with violence and mayhem. Most have been religious in nature, but I hope that we don't see another cult that is not religious based run rampant through our culture.

Love him or look at him in disgust, there is no turning back our minds and just erase him from history. Every time he, or Patricia or Leslie come before a parole board hearing in California, there are family members of Sharon Tate and the other victims that sit there in that room as a reminder of what it is these people did over 40 years ago and the pain it still leaves behind.

Published on 09/19/2011 in