Say What????

I watched the recent Dr. Phil and he had Cindy & George Anthony on his show. Do I have sympathy for these people? You betcha. Their kid, Casey, has lied to them for YEARS and her mother is enabling it! Cindy claims her daughter wasn't this way until she got pregnant. Oh yes, her daughter is disturbed, but come on people! Even that freak Andrea Yeates came clean about what she did and she didn't claim it was an accident 3 years AFTER THE FACT! In fact, most of the matricides that have occurred in the past, within hours the mother is coming clean. I take that back, Darlee Routier is still squawking innocence in her case. George Anthony, I got mad love for ya man. I don't know how you could have held it together the past 3 years and to still stand beside your wife, dude, that's committal!

And then this week on Dance Moms, the woman I love to hate really showed that she had some balls, and man was it fun to see the veins in the foreheads pop out. Esp. Holly's forehead when Shangela showed Nia the "Death Drop." If you have seen RuPaul's Drag Race, you're familiar with Shangela and this move. One second the performer is standing up right, the next it's like a boneless chicken on the floor. And the kid with no natural rhythm pulled it OFF THE HOOK!! Cathy is stupid and every time I see her I wanna take paint thinner and loosen about two inches off her face. This week she really showed in Los Angeles that her kid cannot dance, no matter who is the teacher!

Other than watching those and mostly movies, I've been in bed battling a FIERCE summer cold. UGH! Some one please donate a box of TRIPLE PLY PUFFS to your local school in my honor!!!

Published on 09/15/2011 in