Lies The Government Told Me

All my life, I've had the Surgeon General and the United States Government telling me what is bad for me. For example, cigarettes are bad for my health on so many levels, and I've accepted those risks when I light up. Alcohol is another horrible invention that is harmful to my health and to the health of anyone else on the road if I drive while being TANKED. There are numerous other drugs that are regulated by the Federal Government and those drugs are rightfully outlawed because of the harmful effects and also because of their high levels of addiction.

In the United States, right this minute, marijuana is on the list as a Class 1 drug, where as cocaine and meth are Class 2. The reason why Mary Jane is at a higher class is that the boneheads who use MY tax money as their salary say that it's a gateway to more harmful drugs. Yeah right.....

I know people that have tried drugs that are more dangerous than marijuana without smoking marijuana FIRST! That's right, not everyone in the United States tokes a joint then goes out to buy crack or cheese.

In essence with the classes of narcotics set up the way they stand now on the DEA website, the federal government is telling the youth of America that marijuana is more harmful to you than any other illegal drug out there. The penalties for drug possession of marijuana carry stiffer fines than the possession of heroin! We have seen for years and years the battle to get the government to legalize marijuana and with the tax money they would make off of it, the whole infrastructure of America could be saved. Recently 9 states have passed measures that allow medical marijuana to be used by patients with cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s, glaucoma, and other debilitating illnesses that can attack anyone at anytime. I should know, I'm the youngest Parkinson’s patient my doctor sees on a regular basis.

If the government of the United States allows cigarettes and alcohol, two MORE dangerous drugs than marijuana, be legal, than isn't it time we take scientific research more serious and consider a FEDERAL medical marijuana law be put into action?

Amsterdam has legal marijuana and their crime rates are LOWER than most small towns in America are. Experts say that if you legalize Marijuana, the crime rates go up. I'm sorry, but it seems to me that if you remove the criminal element from something, the lower the crime related to that is. For example, what happened when Prohibition was in effect? Bootleggers began to swarm the back roads of America, NASCAR began from that, but you had KIDS making moonshine and selling it to the big cities. Alcohol still poured into and across this country. If the Government would take a SERIOUS LOOK at studies that prove THC is LESS harmful than tobacco, you better bet your butt Marlboros would be illegal and R.J. Reynolds would be OUT of business!

I'm not saying to totally take Marijuana into the non-criminal element by making it 100% legal, but couldn't the medical uses for it be considered more closely? Valium is government regulated, but you can still go through the proper channels to get a prescription for it if your mental health needs it. Why couldn't the same be done for marijuana? LSD, Cocaine, Meth, and other drugs can cause not only bad reactions to the drugs, but they are at a higher addiction rate than marijuana. The ease in which the younger generations can get those drugs scare me. If you know the lingo and got the cash, no dealer in the world is gonna have a moral conscience and NOT sell to anyone under 18. But if you take it off the streets and put it into the hands of medical professionals, then we have a chance at stopping at least some of the illegal activities that America gets laughed at over.

I have yet to see any one, or hear of any one, thrown into jail because they committed a crime while being under the influence of marijuana..... I've seen people pass out from smoking too much, or seen them eat $50 worth of sweets, but to see them naked and running down the street screaming like a bird? Nope, never saw that. Saw a kid do that on LSD once. Used to have a friend that jumped off a building while being under the influence of Angel Dust. Had another friend that overdosed on cocaine. Lost a dear friend to Meth. But the majority of marijuana smokers today, are the aging hippies out of the baby boom era, and wouldn't you know? Most of them have the diseases that the effects of THC and marijuana have SCIENTIFICALLY been shown to help ease the symptoms of!

And that's MY two cents on that!!!!!

Published on 09/06/2011 in