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Night Falls On Chicago

For millenia, "The Code" has protected vampires from discovery. It has maintained the balance of power and provided the guidelines and laws by which all vampires must live. IT IS ABOUT TO BE SHATTERED.

Published by All Things That Matter Press
240 Pages
ISBN-10: 0984721592
ISBN-13: 978-0984721597

Available in paperback through the publisher.

Available from Amazon.com in paperback or Kindle formats.

Available from Barnes and Nobles in Nook Book format.

Praise for "Night Falls on Chicago"

"...an awesome world of full blooded characters,
with the right amount of mystery and darkness."

"...it is a story to die for."

"...I found myself completely taken in by the characters in the book."

"This is the Vampire novel for people who simply love great stories,
regardless of their knowledge of the Vampire genre."

The Game

A modern spin on the vampire thriller, The Game is a unique tale of action with a surprising twist. Are you ready to play The Game?

Published by: Write On E-Publishing, LLC
6,256 words
Published May 28, 2013
ISBN: 9781301260744
Available in various electronic formats at SmashWords.com

According To The Prophets

a planned Prequel to "Night Falls". The story delves into the origins of the vampire race.

I'll Love You Until You Die

The story of one woman's horror as she struggles against an abusive husband.Kaycee's first non-vampire work is currently in-progress.