Come Bark For Peace! and Chomp some Cookies with me…

The State Fair of Texas is the largest state fair in the United States. Held annually in the city of Dallas, Texas, the fair combines products from not only around the world, but products from Texas as well.

The best building, in my opinion, is the Food and Fiber Building. Here you can get free samples of all kinds of food that is produced in Texas. It was here, in this building, that I not only met "Elsie" (the Borden cow) but her son, "Beauregard," I got free ice cream and free burger bites.

But it was here, in the Food and Fiber that I came across two companies out of Austin, Texas that have changed the way I eat.

"Bark For Peace!" and "Chomp Cookies" are two small companies that are owned by two people that seem to be the best of friends, Lisa and Brian. They are both "vegans" and they are into sharing their views on food with people.

"Bark For Peace!" is a wonderful little treat that you can share with your dog. Lisa doesn't use any corn, animal products, sugars, or junk in these treats. I really like one that she calls "Sweet Potato Jerky Chews," some of the ingredients are sweet potatoes, ginger, and garlic. To me it is a wonderful alternative to the muscle relaxers and pain pills I have been swallowing for the last 4 years. I had no idea until Lisa and I talked that sweet potatoes have a natural anti-inflammatory property to them.

She also has a carrot and coconut oil concoction called "Ford's Favorite," that looks like a dog bone, but it tastes just like cheese-its. The last little snacky that she produces is the "Peace Prayer Love Bite." Now that purple heart is made of blue-berry and goji berries and is the highest amount of anti-oxidant that you can find on the market. The taste is reminiscent of granola. Sure it's a bit hard on the teeth, but it's not a bad taste. And alright, so I got weird looks from people that gawked about me eating dog treats, but hey, it's made of vegetables, fruits and herbs only! So who can't use more of those in their diets?

Then on the other end of the table with Lisa, is charismatic Brian. His company, "Chomp," makes cookies that have no dairy, no eggs, and no refined sugar! I couldn't believe the sweetness of this cookie that is made from spelt flour, aguave nectar, granulated dates and maple syrup. I went into the store and bought several to take home to my son that has ADHD to see what his reaction would be. He ate the cookies in no time flat and had no adverse reaction!

I saw the sky open and I knew I have found the thing that would allow me to give him something sweet without making his head spin!

I never thought that it would take two peace lovin' vegans to show me that the products that my family was using was adversely hurting my children. I had no idea that the refined sugars where affecting the way that my son was reacting to his medications, and I had no idea that the treats that my youngest child putting into his mouth could cause him harm! You never stop to think that if you can't pronounce the words, that the food you and your family consume can cause harm instead of providing nutritional value.

So now I have changed our diets in our house. No longer do we consume empty calories and refined sugar. I have also stopped eating meat and I feel healthier already! I have shed 12 pounds and I am reading vegan cookbooks, even though I refuse to give up cheese and milk. I'm sorry but for a die-hard ice cream fan, no amount of sherbet will substitute for a delicious bowl of Ben & Jerry's "Cherry Garcia!"

So please take a look at what you eat, and if you want to try these products for yourself, just look at and

So until next time, I remain your favorite Texan correspondent!

Published on Oct 17, 2007 in