Dying To Be Thin OR How I Lost My Weight

This is it America! I have had enough of commercials promoting this new fat dissolving solution called "FIG."

This is an injectable liposuction solution that is designed to dissolve fat from the inside of the body. Every commercial I see about this procedure/product, has a woman happily proclaiming how this "FIG" thing helped her go from a size 12 to a size 6. The commercial then goes on to explain that this procedure requires no surgery and no "down-time."

Sounds simple enough, right? But what the commercial doesn't tell you is that this "FIG" is a series of hundreds of shots to the target area and often takes two or three sessions to get the desired results you are seeking out.

I am so sorry, America, but I do not see the advantages of any type of cosmetic surgery or procedure that offers weight loss, but doesn't target how to change a person's life style. The only safe way to loose weight is by diet and exercise. Not to mention the changes in a person's lifestyle. There are companies out there that supply people with "healthy" foods that can cost up to $10 per day for the nutrition that they are supplying. Ok, so this might be a solution for busy adults. But for less money, a person desiring to loose weight can go to a library and research healthy diets for free.

Simply cutting out caffeine and limit the amount of salt in a diet can help you loose weight. Take long walks in the morning or the evening can cut down on stress and also help you motivate your metabolism to help you burn the ugly fat that you see in the mirror. Doctors tell you to drink 8 glasses of at least 8 ounces of water a day for a reason. Not only will the water fool your stomach into thinking it is fuller, but the water replenishment into your body will help your skin from being dry and your hair from being brittle.

Oh sure, the 8 glasses of water a day may sound like an "old wives tale," but I can tell you from my own personal experience that it is helpful in beauty and dieting.

I suggest long walks, because I have discovered that by simply being out of doors, away from phones, televisions, children arguing, husbands demanding dinner, etc. Helps me to calm down and keeps myself from going absolutely buggy on everyone in my life. I look forwards to being out of doors and I often take my family with me. The fresh air and exercise seems to calm down my children and helps to bring laughter into my marriage easier than any "How-To" self help books or magazine articles on how to keep the "spark" in a person's marriage.

Just by simply going outside and walking around for about 45 minutes to an hour, I have dropped 28 pounds in a healthy 5-week period, according to my doctor. I needed to loose weight to help take off stress on that broken bone and nerve damage that I have in my back. Of course I have to stop frequently and rest, but I really enjoy people watching and laughing at the boys chase down birds, squirrels, and each other. I also enjoy spending the time with my husband that we are not arguing over bills, the house cleanliness, what's for dinner, or who let the cat into the garbage.

That time is just for us to enjoy each other and also to de-stress from the day for the week.

Long time ago, I suffered from Anorexia. I was literally starving myself to death; I carried this unhealthy habit into my first marriage and past the two pregnancies of my two oldest children. I shudder to think today of what harm I could have caused my two oldest children. But I got lucky and somehow managed to deliver two babies that are physically fine.

Whenever I watch a show about eating disorders, I thank the higher powers that I was able to work through my own eating disorder with professional help and rediscover the joy of food again. Perhaps too much did I rediscover food as I gained about 70 pounds during the pregnancy of my youngest child? And then you have to keep in mind that I was bed-ridden for 4 years from a nasty fall down a flight of stairs that caused me to break the L5 bone in my spine.

So I am asking all those that read this to please consider consulting your own personal doctor about the best way to loose your weight that you think you need to loose. Try eating healthier, try to cut down on trips to fast food places and replace fruits for a lot of junk food items, like chips, French fries, fried foods. And also drink lots and lots of water. If nothing else, take an hour out of your day that your would normally spend "vegging" out in front of the television and take your self, your family, or your pet, outside and walk around in the air.

In the end, not only will you end up saving your life from risky and dangerous weight loss solutions, but you will also find more money in your pocket!

Published on August 18, 2007 in