Anti-Jack McClellan? OH YES I AM!

Dear Readers,

I am writing to you today to ask you to spread this message to everyone you know!

There is a website I want you to promote, visit and spread the word about. It is called, this is an Anti-Jack McClellan website....

Who is Jack McClellan?

Well, he is an admited pedophile who has a website that promotes the act of adult/child love acts.

In other words, his site is teaching other pedophiles how to hunt down and attract their prey. He even posts pictures of little girls that he takes photographs of. There is another dangerous animal in this world that is being hunted down by the name of Lindsay Ashford, who is being tracked and hunted like the disgusting and sick animal that he is!

The two men together have endangered the lives of many children. Especially in the case of Ashford. He was recently approached by Senator Barrack Obama's lawyers to take down pictures off of his site of the Senator' children.

They are both just pure animals instead of being human. No other person I know would do something this hideous to children nor their families. Did you know that 1 in 4 girls will be molested by the time they are 18? What about 1 in 5 boys?*

What would you do to save your child?

How many lives have to be torn apart before we save the life of just one child?

Please contact CNN about April's Law and have your respective Senate and Congress know about April's Law and urge your friends and family to please push this law through the federal government!

The more we take drastic and federal matters into our own hands, the more children we can save from nasty and aweful men like Ashford and McClellan.

Thank You,

Kaycee Nilson.

The phone number to reach CNN is: (212) 275-7800

This is the bulletin I got from a myspace friend...


Jack is all over CNN so I figured we should at least try again here. Please send a similar message to, Headline News and News Tips in the contact us section of the web site?

Or call (212) 275 7800 USA and tell them to do a report on April's Law?

Maybe with some prayers we will get lucky this time! :0

We should try. We owe it to the movement to send this email out!


(This was mine. I sent it 5 times.)


My name is Petra Luna and I lead up one of the biggest activists groups against child abuse with over 30 web sites and 65,000 followers worldwide. We are well into talking to legislators about passing a law to make legal pedophile sites like, JACK MCCLELLAN'S web site illegal. We already have the following state legistlators trying to write what we call APRIL'S LAW into a state bill and we are soon to be pushing for a federal bill for this law.

1.) California Assembly Woman Sharon Runner
2.) South Carolina Assembly Woman Laurie Funderburk
3.) Washington Assembly Member Larry Haler
4.) Nevada Assembly Member Bob Beers

I would love to tell you more about April's Law. You can contact me at anytime.

you will find all my links at

* (taken from the website)

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